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Fantasy Landscapes

A stunning new series of images.

Following in the footsteps of the iconic Visionary Landscapes series, Pohjola's Daughter is the first title to become available in the ensuing major series of artwork by Tom Wall, Fantasy Landscapes.

Inspired by the character in the Kalevela (the Finnish national epic) and by the tone poem Pohjola's Daughter written by the Finnish composer Jean Sibelius in 1906, this hauntingly beautiful painting shows "the Daughter of the North" seated on a rainbow whilst weaving a cloth of gold.

As with the Visionary Landscapes titles, all images in the Fantasy Landscapes series are becoming available as limited edition giclee prints produced to the highest possible standards and constituting a highly collectable series of fantasy artwork.

They are printed in the United Kingdom on archival grade, acid-free, 100% rag (exceeding ISO Standard 9706) using a pigment-based ink system.

You can talk with Rob Elliott personally at any time on 07787 437770 to discuss print availabiity and/or make a purchase. Or, you may simply have a question regarding the artist or his artwork that has not been answered for you in this website.

Pohjola's Daughter

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